Ladies Insolvency Professionals

Classmates in the Library

Building a supportive business network and hosting events for women in insolvency and restructuring

About Us

Let us tell you more about the Ladies Insolvency Professionals 

Founded in 2013, Ladies Insolvency Professionals (LIPS) is a non-profit organisation bringing together women in the insolvency and restructuring industry through our networking events and growing community.


We host regular events in Sydney throughout the year to provide an opportunity for our attendees to meet with other women in insolvency, build genuine business relationships and expand their referral network. 

Having successfully hosted numerous LIPS networking events to date, our committee finds it incredibly rewarding to see so many amazing women empowering and supporting each other and making meaningful connections through our events.

We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and welcoming environment for our guests to meet other professional women over some great food and wine to make networking easy and enjoyable. 

You can find out more information by checking out our 'About our Events' section or the links to our upcoming and past events. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our contact list to stay updated on our activities and events.


Why Attend Our Events?


Joining us at our Ladies Insolvency Professionals events provides you with some amazing benefits, including an opportunity to:

+ Meet and connect with other women in insolvency and restructuring

+ Be part of a professional and supportive community

+ Build genuine business relationships

+ Expand your referral network

+ Enjoy networking over lunch in a relaxed and welcoming environment